kendall Noxel


Kendall Noxsel is a massage therapist with twenty-five years experience in the LA area. Originally a chiropractor, Kendall continues to focus heavily on trigger-point, neuro-muscular release therapy. His clientele has included those who are severely injured (including many longshoreman), high performing professional and Olympic athletes, entertainment professionals, and people from all walks of life who need help with general aches and pains. His work in the health and fitness profession has also included fitness training. Kendall enjoys his ongoing athletic activities. He has written a book, a memoir. The son of a steel worker and a nurse, he has always worked with his hands, doing lawn and gardening, car repair, construction . . . and the healing touch of massage.

Education and Credentials

Certified Massage Practitioner California Massage Therapy Council

A.S. Electromechanical Engineering, Shawnee State University

B.S. Industrial Technology, Eastern Kentucky University