Dr. Lena dicken


Dr. Lena Dicken is the founder and creator of Saltwater Sessions, a treatment program combining surfing, mindfulness, and positive reappraisal. Saltwater Sessions was born from Lena's own transformative experience learning to surf, decades practicing mindfulness meditation, as well as years spent working as a psychotherapist at numerous addiction treatment centers. Prior to pursuing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Lena completed a bachelors degree in Integrative Medicine and taught yoga throughout Hawaii, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Philosophy/Approach: Lena believes that many people give up at the very moment when it is most important to keep going, when one more mindful push could carry them through challenge and into a new place of strength. The key to lasting change is being face-to-face with feelings of frustration and failure -- and overcoming. Through Saltwater Sessions, Lena uses surfing as the perfect environment for learning how to keep going in the face of failure, while appreciating, and ultimately mastering the challenge.

Lena has observed that when physical and emotional health are addressed simultaneously, long lasting improvements in quality of life can occur. She feels honored to be working for The Stable, a place that embodies the philosophy of holistic living.

Education and Credentials

Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Chicago School of Professional Psychology

B.A. Integrative Medicine University of Hawaii

M.A. Counseling Psychology, Argosy University