who we are

We are a group of more than 13 practitioners, each of whom is accomplished and progressive in a core modality. Our roots have been in the Malibu community for many years, and all of our practitioners are experienced with one-on-one, concierge-level treatment

Meet our team.

what we do

We start with 13 core physical and mental health practices, and curate an outdoor lifestyle program that treats immediate needs, while building a stable foundation for long-term health.

A typical enrollment includes 3 sessions per day, over 5 days per week. The Stables team of remarkable practitioners collaborates on the core treatments needed. Then, in consultation with the client, the order and pairing of treatments can be customized to achieve targeted effects. For example, matching psychotherapy after martial arts, or yoga before acupuncture has proven to accelerate the process of healing. The potential combinations are vast, but whats crystal clear is that each client requires different support in varying proportions.

Over time, the necessity for all modalities typically diminishes as clients return to stable, enriched lives. In many instances, however, what started out as treatment becomes a way of life.

who we treat

Whether a person is emerging from a crisis or major life transition, navigating a high-stakes professional career, or dealing with ongoing mental health issues, The Stables one-on-one, nature-based methodology has yielded compelling outcomes.

For some of these individuals, a group setting has either proven ineffective in the past, or shame and social anxiety have prevented them from seeking treatment in the first place. Since our enrollment is limited to only 1-5 clients at any given time, we can provide a completely personalized experience and protect the identity of each one. 

where it all goes down

Treatments take place in a 1950s vintage Malibu beach house, located on water's edge or at a private nearby ranch, nestled in nature. While our treatment program is structured as an outpatient facility, we can provide nightly accommodations at our beach house location for individuals, couples and families if needed.