Rebekkah Swisher helps individuals and businesses manage their finances, schedules, and volunteering efforts. Her skills are based on a diverse set of professional opportunities she’s had over her career. For over a decade, Rebekkah was an editor for Chemical Engineering magazine, the leading publication in the field, eventually becoming the editor-in-chief and running all editorial and conference content. Ready to move on from publishing, Rebekkah took a position managing a family architectural and furniture production business.

The small business experience she gained there coupled with her previous directorial roll and other life events led her to come onboard and help launch The Stable – but behind the scenes initially. Now, in addition to her administrative duties, Rebekkah helps clients learn the organizational and life skills they need to manage their day-to-day more effectively.

Philosophy/Approach: Rebekkah believes many of us suffer from a lack of slack in our schedules and finances. She work with people and organizations to help reduce their overstretched status and regain the slack that they need to be able to respond to the unplanned scenarios that always come up.

Education and Credentials

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas